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If you build it, they will come...

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I love this from Kat Maddox on 🐦 (

“5 things every developer should know in 2021:

1. the capitalist class
2. has less power than us
3. if we unite we can
4. overthrow them and finally
5. work on the tech debt tickets”

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I just want to say Erin @Bolles is a wonderful human being/ cat

@digitaldonkey ¡Hola! I never welcomed you to Duckchat, but welcome! I’m curious how you came across this instance. How do you like Mastodon?

Apologies for the downtime duckchat fam. Server ran out of memory, had to do some rejiggering to get it back up

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We need to be able to take advantage of VR/AR, where you can invite your friends to join you in a fully formed virtual home, without creating a dystopian future where the government can teleport into a photo-realistic version of your house.

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Rating every “Which Mad Men Character Are You?” quiz on the internet with 0 stars because none of them tell me I’m the guy blowing money trying to make jai alai happen

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Y’all: Rioting and looting doesn’t do anything.

Historians: The only thing in history that has worked for the general public inciting change has been a riot,a protest, or a looting- like the Civil Rights Movement, Suffragettes, and Stonewall.

Y’all: Well, violence isn’t the answer

Historians: MLK was peaceful and you still shot him dead, and America is one of the most historically violent countries in the world, how ironic.

JUST SAY YOU DON’T SUPPORT BLACK LIVES MATTER AND LEAVE instead of finding an excuse as to why you shouldn’t care that again and again and again Black people are completely brutalised by police and police are never criminalized for it.

Copied and pasted from a friend. Feel free to do the same and call out racists where they stand.

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Michael Cera is going to play and amazing Jared Kushner in the movie version of the Trump presidency

Who else is watching the national cornhole championship on ESPN?

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